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The procedures listed below are all Traditional Chinese therapeutic therapies requiring specialist techniques. They demand skilled clinical judgment and are contraindicated in certain cases. The easiest way to certify your practitioner is properly trained is by ensuring they are a member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC).


Gua sha

Gua sha is a healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua sha is defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press-stroking of a lubricated area of the body surface which produces an anti inflammatory and immune protective effect that persists for days following a single Gua sha treatment and accounts for the immediate relief that patients feel from pain, stiffness and fever.
» Download our Gua sha information sheet to find out more



Cupping is an age-old technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate acupuncture points or larger areas of the body. Cups are rounded and are usually made of glass. In cupping, the practitioner creates a vacuum inside the cup and places it onto the skin where treatment is needed.
» Download our Cupping information sheet to find out more


Tui Na

Tui Na (pronounced ‘twee-nah’) is a form of Traditional Chinese therapeutic therapy involving pressing, tapping and kneading techniques that soften the hard muscles that can develop from neglect, injury, bad posture or illness. The massage encourages a better blood, oxygen and Qi supply around the body facilitating the healing process.

Moxabustion treatment


Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese therapeutic therapy to warm a specific point or area which encourages increased stimulation, blood and Qi flow.
» Download our Moxabustion information sheet to find out more


Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

“Let your inner beauty, vitality and serenity shine through.”

Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture is a safe, totally natural alternative to surgical procedures and fillers. Many people are increasingly choosing it as a safe method of facial enhancement and wellbeing. Facial Acupuncture treats the whole person; and also aims to slow the ageing process from within.
» Download our Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture information sheet to find out more


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